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A kingfisher in the thyroid is worth 9 in the blouse
An english pointer in the hand is worth 9 in the kangaroo rat
An amphibian in the vein is worth 5 in the pail
A kangaroo in the ankle is worth 4 in the hippopotamus
A swallow in the prostate is worth 9 in the underwear
A shrew in the knuckle is worth 3 in the cape buffalo
A blue jay in the intestine is worth 8 in the chaps
A ptarmigan in the rectum is worth 2 in the melon
A chicken in the butt cheek is worth 9 in the unitard
A heron in the tonsil is worth 7 in the wildebeest


  • {adj} Adjective (ex. Silly)
  • {adjective} Adjective (ex. Silly)
  • {verb} Verb (ex. Run)
  • {adverb} Adverb (ex. Carefully)
  • {noun} Any Singular Noun
  • {singular} Any Singular Noun
  • {plural} Any Plural Noun
  • {location} Any Location (city, country, state, retail)
  • {loc} Any Location (city, country, state, retail)
  • {city} City Location (ex. Los Angeles)
  • {country} Country Location (ex. Canada)
  • {state} State Location (ex. North Carolina)
  • {retail} Retail Location (ex. Walmart)
  • {veg} Vegetable (ex. Bean)
  • {food} Any Food (fruit, vegetable, meat, dish)
  • {meat} Meat (ex. Steak)
  • {dish} Dish Singular (ex. Sandwich)
  • {fruit} Fruit Singular (ex. Banana)
  • {fname} First Name (male or female)
  • {fname-m} First Name (Male)
  • {fname-f} First Name (Female)
  • {animal} Animal Singular (ex. Lion)
  • {bodypart} Body Part Singular (ex. Hand)
  • {bodypart-p} Body Part Plural (ex. Hands)
  • {animal-p} Animal Plural (ex. Lions)
  • {fruit-p} Fruit Plural (ex. Bananas)
  • {dish-p} Dish Plural (ex. Sandwiches)
  • {ex} Exclamations (ex. Hooray!)
  • {instrument} Musical Instrument Singular (ex. Guitar)
  • {instrument-p} Musical Instrument Plural (ex. Guitars)
  • {container} Container Singular (ex. Bucket)
  • {container-p} Container Plural (ex. Buckets)
  • {person} Person Singular (ex. Caveman)
  • {people} Person Plural (ex. Cavemen)
  • {singular-legacy} Singular Noun (old table) - currently more options than {noun}
  • {plural-legacy} Plural Noun (old table) - currently more options than {plural}
  • {clothing} Clothing Singular (ex. Hat)
  • {clothing-p} Clothing Plural (ex. Hats)